4 Seasons Preschool Fine Motor Collections Bundle (Printable Activities)
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4 Seasons Preschool Fine Motor Collections Bundle (Printable Activities)

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What's better than one collection of hands-on fine motor activities?  4!!!!!  This bundle of all 4 seasons will have your preschooler practicing fine motor skills while playing and learning all year round. 


With these printable preschool activities, not only will your child be learning letters, numbers, colors and more...they'll also be improving those fine motor skills through play. 

And better fine motor skills means greater independence and confidence with school tasks (and life tasks).  

This fine motor collection is designed to print and go.  Just combine the activities with the manipulatives listed (things you probably already have around your house), like play dough, crayons, yarn, toothpicks, clothespins, etc.  We give you a checklist of items to collect.  


*Recommended for ages 3 through 6 


In the Spring Fine Motor Collection:

  • Squishy Bag Learning Mats
  • Spring Dominoes
  • Washi Tape Umbrellas
  • Cut & Paste Shape Flowers
  • Play with Your Food Mats
  • Spring Lacing Activities
  • Spring Memory Game
  • Flower Hedges Letters
  • Clip It Matching Activities
  • Match & Color Spring Activity
  • Count the Petals Clothespin Activity
  • Paper Tearing Mosaics
  • Water the Flowers Q-tip Painting
  • Spring Play Dough Mats
  • Count and Punch the Answer
  • Spring Toss Game


In the Sunshine Fine Motor Collection:

  • Squishy Bag Learning Mats
  • Summer Vacation Lacing
  • Play with Your Food Mats
  • Mow the Grass Letters
  • Summertime Dominoes
  • Washi Tape Summer Treats
  • Summer Fruit Hole Punch Counting
  • "Clip It" Sunshine Matching
  • Matching Coloring Activity
  • Summer Paper Tearing Activities
  • Cut & Paster Summer Shapes
  • Summer Toss Game
  • Summer Q-tip Painting
  • Summer Memory Game

In the Autumn Fine Motor Collection:

  • Squishy Bag Learning Mats
  • BINGO Chip Matching
  • Play with Your Food Mats
  • Fall Hole Punch Counting
  • Spooky Things Lacing Cards
  • Autumn Tracing Letters
  • Matching Coloring Activity
  • Autumn Pompom Activities
  • Halloween Costume Dominoes
  • Fall Toss Game
  • Halloween Monsters Play Dough Mats
  • Washi Tape Pumpkin Decorating
  • Jack-o-Lantern Memory Game
  • "Clip It" Spooky Matching Activities
  • Fall Paper Tearing Activities



In this Winter Fine Motor Collection:

  • Play Dough Mats
  • Q-tip Painting Winter Scenes
  • Winter Mosaics
  • Hole Punch Letter Sounds
  • Animal Tracks in the Snow
  • Play with Your Food Mats
  • Squishy Bag Learning Activities
  • Snip to the Answer
  • Sledding Letter Paths
  • Winter Lacing Cards
  • Cut & Glue Shaped Snowmen
  • Hot Cocoa Pompom Activity
  • "Clip It' Winter Matching
  • Winter Dominoes Game
  • Paper Tearing Winter Activities
  • Memory Game
  • Toss Game
  • Toothpick Punch Snow Activities
  • Washi Tape Snowflakes 


Plus you'll get all of these amazing bonuses...

  • Easter Egg Counting Game
  • Easter Play Dough Mats
  • Washi Tape Easter Eggs
  • Fishing Game Bonus
  • Tic Tac Toe Game Bonus
  • Pompom Activity Bonus
  • Pumpkin Toss Game
  • Fall Activities Path Checklist
  • Halloween Fingerprint Art Activity
  • Snow Globe Creations
  • Spray Bottle Snow Play
  • Winter Fun Checklist
  • Planning Calendar 
  • Supplies Checklist 
  • Tips for Teaching Preschoolers
  • Fine Motor Strategies from an OT 



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